“Getting healthier” is one of the most common resolutions made as we start the New Year, but that’s usually where it stalls out. “Getting healthier is too vague, too overwhelming and/or just not motivating enough to get most of us going. And then there are those that think they are already doing everything they can to be healthy; unfortunately, this confidence is usually an illusion.


Many Americans are just plain lost and confused when it comes to healthy lifestyle. There is so much misinformation and marketing out there, it can be difficult to find real, sound information and advice. It is difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

One of the bigger problems is simply the difference between saying and doing. Paying for a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re doing everything you can to achieve a healthy lifestyle if you never go. Buying fresh produce doesn’t mean you’re eating well if most of it rots in your fridge.


We make grand plans, but many people have problems following through on their own. They need support and accountability! One of the best ways to stay on track and achieve your goals is if you have a friend along for the ride. And getting your friends in shape could save your life as well.


Having an obese friend increases your own risk for obesity by a whopping 57%! That does not mean you should dump all your fat friends; on the contrary, supportive relationships can add years to both your lives. Instead, team up with them to become healthier.


Here are a few ways to get going and stay motivated:


Trade compliments

Tell your friend when you notice differences in her energy level or mood. Let her know that you recognize all the effort she is putting into a fitness or diet regimen. Tell her you’re proud of her for working so hard toward her goals. Your words could be the thing that keeps her going when she really wants to give up.

Use rewards

When you reach goals, make sure to reward each other. Go buy some new fitness gear, have a spa day or a movie night (skip the snacks). Note: it is best not to use food as a reward, no matter how much you like cheesecake.

Be persistent

There will be times when your partner wants to slack off. Be the initiator and keep the momentum going in the right direction. One slip up can cause major set-backs for many people because it becomes so hard to get back up and going again.

Have fun

Make sure you try new things with your fitness routine. This could mean taking different kinds of fitness classes together or trading the treadmill for a walk/snowshoe in the park some days. You may also want to check out a free yoga class or rent kayaks for the day. The cardio room shouldn’t be the end-all be-all for your fitness routine; throw in some resistance training too (and hire a personal trainer for new ideas). Keep your food interesting and fun; try cooking new recipes for each other and practice making your favorite dishes healthier.


Having a buddy or a group can be incredibly motivating in-and-of itself; doing something with somebody is almost always more rewarding and fun than doing it on your own. If you find that you want additional support, contact us and we will provide all the support and accountability you need to keep you motivated and on track!