What is the cost of an initial consultation?

An initial consultation with Dr. Oler is $120; this consultation can be in the clinic or over the phone. During this 20-30 minute consultation, we will discuss you health history and goals and Dr. Oler will make specific recommendations regarding additional testing and/or nutritional/therapy changes.

Do you take insurance?

The Natural Path Center does not accept assignment from insurance companies or Medicare. However, several of our clients have submitted claims to their flexible compensation plans or cafeteria plans and have received reimbursement. If your flex-comp provider requires a letter or additional information so that our services may be covered, we would be happy to provide you with any necessary documents.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is the responsibility of each client and is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa. Since payment is due at the time of service, please bring your checkbook or credit card to each appointment and/or have your credit card for telephone consultations.

What do you do?

As a Naturopathic center, we use many non-invasive therapies such as homeopathy, reflexology, massage, acupressure, physiotherapy (naturopathic manipulations), diet and nutrition, color therapy, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise and stretching, counseling, and stress management to remove obstacles to health and allow the body heal itself. We emphasize personal responsibility for health, and work with you to address the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects that lead to optimal health. In addition, we have several evaluative techniques (i.e., Functional testing (for hormones, neurotransmitters, gastrointestinal function, food allergies/sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, etc.), bioelectrical impedance analysis, body composition testing, Iridology, biocellular analysis, Darkfield microscopy, Biological Human Ionization) that help us assess and monitor a client’s progress.

What is Naturopathy?

(From UNM catalog) Naturopathy is a scientific system of Natural Healing which assesses, attends to and cares for clients with any dis-ease, pain, injury, or deformity using systems of practice that base treatment of physiological functions and abnormal conditions on natural laws governing the human body. This includes any physical, chemical or mental condition. A Naturopath utilizes spiritual, psychological, physiological and mechanical methods such as air, water, light, heat, earth, phototherapy, food and herb therapy, psychotherapy, mechanotherapy, naturopathic corrections and manipulations, preventive and natural methods or modalities, natural medicines, homeopathy, natural processed foods, herbs, and nature’s remedies. This excludes major surgery, therapeutic use of x-ray and radium, use of injections, serums and all drugs. The distinctive feature of a Naturopathic practice is to facilitate healing and teach natural living principles. The Naturopathic Doctor emphasizes the patient’s responsibility toward his or her own health and well being. Naturopathy has its own proven, well-founded theories that explain the true cause of dis-ease. Its philosophy of health is wholly in conformity with Nature’s Laws of Life. Naturopathy is also an art, not only because its healing is applicable to all forms of dis-ease, but also because the highest degree of skill is required to administer its many forms of treatment.

How are Doctors of Naturopathy trained?

The legal qualifications to be a Doctor of Naturopathy vary from state to state. Wisconsin does not license Naturopathic Doctors, so it is wise to ask prospective practitioners how they were trained. Dr. Oler completed the Doctor of Naturopathy program at the University of Natural Medicine in Santa Fe, NM, which consists of 274 total graduate credits, including over 1200 hours of clinical experience.

What does 'holistic' mean?

Holistic theoretically means that one sees the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual aspects of life and addresses all these aspects to promote health and well-being. Today, the term “holistic” is used very loosely. When speaking to a practitioner, be sure to ask their philosophy on healing and health to determine if they fit well with your needs.

Do you offer alternative health care?

Many of the therapies and assessment tools we use are considered ‘alternative’ as they are not typically used in more conventional settings (i.e. medical hospitals and clinics). We work with many medical professionals as well as alternative practitioners based on the clients desires and situation to provide the optimal environment for healing to occur. Furthermore, we believe that working together, conventional and alternative modalities have a synergistic affect for the client, providing better overall care, health and well being. Thus, our services ‘complement’ whatever care you are currently using.

What is 'physiotherapy' (naturopathic manipulations) ?

Physiotherapy and naturopathic manipulations involve the art of healing by physical remedies such as massage, vibration, exercise, gymnastics, light, heat, cold, water, electricity and mechanical devices. The following modalities are employed: spinal, joint and soft tissue manipulations, therapeutic massage, viscero-somatic reflexes, neuromuscular and physical therapy for the purpose of restoring proper blood circulation within the body, replacing vital organs, breaking adhesions, removing growths, toning up muscles and ligaments, and stimulating the body systems without creating incisions, bloodshed or adhesions.

Can you diagnose my condition and prescribe medications?

As a Naturopathic Center, we do not diagnose any conditions, nor do we prescribe anything, including medications. We do not treat diseases; rather we look for underlying causes for conditions in the body that have lead to its current condition and take measures to remove obstacles to health and rebuild the body to a healthy state. We believe that the body has a tremendous power to heal itself if given the appropriate environment and materials to do so. Our job is to find those causes and work with you to facilitate healing. It is ultimately your responsibility to take control of your health and your life, therefore we emphasis teaching and offer ongoing support to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Do you recommend using supplements? What role do they play in overall health care?

There are many therapies available to help you reach your health goals. To do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, we use a combed approach including: dietary changes, lifestyle recommendations, specific therapies and/or exercises and supplementation. This combination of therapies can be altered to meet your specific needs (i.e., we can focus more or less on any one of the areas to accommodate time constraints, cooking ability, desire/time to workout, want or need for supplementation, etc.). More than any other area, the need for supplementation will change dramatically as your health changes.

Supplementation can be an important part of your overall plan as it gives your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair. This is especially important as you begin your healing process. Testing may indicate nutritional imbalances that are adversely affecting your health. You may not be getting optimal nutrients through your diet. In both cases, supplementation is necessary for you to achieve your health goals. Very often, deficiencies or imbalances exist that have taken years or decades to create. Food alone cannot restore these nutrients. For this reason, supplementation plays a key, albeit short term role in getting you on your natural path to optimal health. You can decrease the duration of supplement need by following the recommended dietary changes.

Dietary changes will not only provide you the nutrients you need but will also limit the foods that decrease your overall health and/or nutritional status. Thus, you have the control to determine how long you will need to use supplementation to augment your diet.

As you progress toward your health goals, the role of supplementation shifts from providing nutrients that heal to providing the nutrients to maintain optimal health. As you heal, we will focus more on food to maintain your nutrient levels, thereby decreasing your dependence on supplementation. Again, the importance of following your recommended dietary guidelines is paramount to your success.

Note your dietary guidelines will also change as your health improves. You will be able to incorporate more foods and/or enjoy some foods that may not be the healthiest options but provide a great deal of emotional enjoyment. At this stage, the 80/20 rule is in full effect – it’s what you do 80% of the time that counts; that gives you about 3 meals/week you can choose to eat foods outside your normal dietary regime.

Progression along your natural path to optimal health is dependent on many factors, including your ability to take recommended supplementation as directed. Testing will be used to determine when to shift your focus to more dietary and lifestyle based therapies. You can greatly facilitate this process not only by following through on your commitment to these changes, but also by participating in the recommended testing and consultations.

Throughout this process, remember that we are working as a team to get you to your goals. Your program is a guideline for success; however, it is not set in stone. If there are aspects of your program that don’t work for you, including the use of certain supplements, dietary needs/preferences, time, financial constraints or any other factors that are important to you, bring them up during your next appointment and we will make the changes necessary to keep you moving along your natural path to optimal health.