Mission Statement

Our vision is to help people thrive rather than just survive by correcting their underlying health imbalances through the scientific application of natural healing methods. Our clients awaken their potential and discover a new perspective on life.

We inspire and empower people to succeed in a safe and caring environment by listening, testing, teaching and supporting them as they work in a powerful partnership with us. To unlock peoples’ unique power to heal, we identify and address the physical, mental, and emotional barriers preventing them from achieving vibrant health. We integrate individualized care with public outreach, professional education and research

The Natural Path Health Center was established in 2000 by Chad Oler, ND, Nancy Connelly and Jim Guither. The center was created to increase community and professional education and awareness of the alternative/complementary options available for a healthy lifestyle while using a scientific approach to guide the therapeutic use of natural healing methods.


Our philosophy is guided by the following:

  • The client is the central focus of the healing process
  • The greatest power to heal resides within each individual
  • Each person is a unique physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being
  • Each aspect of a person – body, mind and spirit – must be appropriately addressed for life-long healing and rejuvenation
  • Only by determining and correcting the underlying root cause(s) of imbalance can a person heal
  • The client is responsible for their choices; we teach, the client does the work.
  • Prevention of disease and vibrant health is the ultimate goal