About Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a philosophy of disease and healing built upon many years of client investigation and research into the nature and cause of disease.

It is based upon a concept that asserts that disease is something which arises in the system solely as a result of the body’s attempts to rid itself of obstacles to its proper functioning. Disease is regarded, therefore, as being something directly connected with the life and habits of the individual concerned. It is the direct outcome of these same ways and habits of living, and not something apart from, or foreign to them.

The naturopathic doctor is a scientific healer using only non-surgical and drug-free methods. We are practitioners in the art of living. We educate our clients about natural healing, endeavoring to bring harmony, health, happiness and peace to the client and into the world.

The power to prevent and reverse disease is taken to reside always and only within the body and spirit of the client and will manifest itself as soon as the practices which have hampered its activity in the past and obscured its presence have been rectified. In other words, the body and soul of the client possesses the power to heal itself once the obstacles to health have been removed.

Three Fundamental Principles of Naturopathy

There are three fundamental principles, which the whole of the philosophy and practice of Naturopathy are built. The first and most fundamental principle of Naturopathy is that ALL FORMS of disease are due to the Same Cause, namely, disruptions in the normal functioning in the body and/or spirit. The second principle is that the body is always striving for the ultimate good of the individual.  The third principle is that the body contains within itself the power to bring about a return to that condition of normal well-being known as health, providing that the right methods are employed to enable it to do so.

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Seven Core Beliefs of Naturopathy

As a naturopathic center, there are seven core beliefs that guide our recommendations:

  • First and foremost, do no harm
  • Second, we believe in the healing power of nature
  • Third, we try to identify and address the cause(s) of disease or dysfunction
  • Fourth, we see the Doctor as a Teacher
  • Fifth, we try and address the whole person – body, mind and spirit
  • Sixth, we use first the therapy which requires the least force
  • And seventh, we practice prevention first and work towards prevention as the end goal.

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