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The Natural Path Health Center is a leading Complementary Care health clinic located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.

We specialize in rebuilding health with the use of Naturopathic Health Principles, Diet & Lifestyle changes. Our approach works very well for chronic conditions because we work to rebuild the health of the individual from the inside out instead of treating outward symptoms.

Here at the Natural Path Health Center (NPHC) we will help you reach a higher state of health using natural healing methods. We believe that the body always strives to be in homeostasis, or balance, and that symptoms and diagnosed dis-ease states are the result of the body trying as best it can to regain balance. Our bodies often present many different symptoms, but there are usually very few root causes for the way we feel. At the NPHC, we look for the root causes of dysfunction in the body and use natural healing methods to help the body heal itself. We have several programs available based on your needs and goals and have a myriad of classes available to help you along the continuum of health.

If you want to know your past life, look into your present conditions, if you want to know your future life look at your present actions!

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