ConstipationI came into the NPHC to eliminate chronic constipation (I was only having a BM once a month with lots of mucus in the stools), increase my energy and memory, and decrease the achiness in my legs (rated an 8 on a scale of 1-10). I had started making some dietary changes, but needed guidance.


Within one month my energy level was way up and I was having a BM EVERY DAY! My memory was improving and the achiness in my legs was GONE. I was also finding myself calmer, even during really stressful times and I was getting lots of comments like “you look really healthy”. In addition, much of the cramping and clotting with menses was gone.


After three month, I was having several BM daily, my energy was still really good and the achiness in my legs never returned. My memory is still improving and I can think clearly now. Menses are great – no cramping/clotting and my libido is up.


I am so thankful to have found the Natural Path Center and Dr. Chad Oler. My life is changed – I’ve lost over 10 pounds and I feel like a different person because my body is functioning properly. I told Dr. Chad that “I feel different in my skin” – which is hard to understand if you’ve not had the health problems I have had. I fell like a different person – more comfortable in my clothes. I feel more balanced emotionally – the stresses of life I handle better. The foods I eat (mostlyJ) are a means to good health and not to satisfy my cravings. Keep up the great work!


Pat B