Our practice has always been based on referrals, meaning we don’t advertise and that almost all of our current clients have come from referrals from past clients. We believe this business model is the only one that is sustainable in the long run and it keeps our focus on providing our clients the best service we can offer. In order to provide our current clients the time, energy and attention they need (and deserve), we have had to make the decision to limit the number of new clients that we can see.

This means that it may take a while to get an appointment for an initial consultation. However, it does not mean it is impossible. The best option for prospective clients is to contact us and get on our waiting/cancellation list: http://naturalpathhealthcenter.com/contact-us/. If your schedule is flexible, it is still likely we will be able to get you in within a month or so.

This decision has been a difficult one, but we feel we must devote as much time and attention as possible to helping those already in our care. As those people heal and get well, space will open up and we will be able to accommodate more people. To learn more about all we offer, be sure and visit our other sites including:

www.amino-acid-therapy.com – which explains how, why and when to use amino acids to correct neurotransmitter-based disorders

www.naturalsolutionsforahealthyou.com – to learn more about natural healing techniques and purchase products

www.naturalsolutionsforparkinsonsdisease.com – to learn more about our approach to working with those with Parkinson’s disease

www.naturalsolutionsformigraines.com – for those that suffer from migraine headaches

www.naturalsolutionsfordepression.com – for those that suffer from depression

www.stoppullinghairout.com – for those that have compulsive urges to pull, such as trichotillomania

We will continue to provide the high standard of care our clients have come to expect and look forward to the opportunity to serve as many people as possible!


Dr. Chad and Ann