vitaminsWith so many reports in the news lately about the poor quality of many supplements sold over the counter, I wanted to put together a quick compilation of how we are assured that the supplements we use are of the highest quality.

The companies we use all employ a quality management system of robust testing protocols to ensure all products meet their identity, purity, strength, and composition standards, which exceed those required by the FDA for dietary supplements. In addition, the companies we use require their suppliers to prove the quality of the raw materials they use by having a supplier qualification program that includes:

  • Onsite audits
  • Extensive Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) agreements with vendors
  • Performing targeted chemical analysis appropriate for each individual ingredient
  • Performing microbial testing on every raw material and finished product
  • Enhanced contaminates testing programs
  • Known herbal adulterants testing
  • Strict heavy metal testing standards
  • Physical attributes testing

The companies we use stand out in the industry because they utilize multiple identity testing methodologies for herbal products that follow the United States Pharmacopeia standards for botanical Identification testing. The USP standards are recognized under the federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act as the “official compendium”. Due to the extensive nature of this testing, some companies opt for a less extensive, and we believe a less effective, method of identity testing. Every single shipment of herbal ingredients is tested for identity as well as active components using authenticated reference standards at specialized third-party laboratories with expertise in botanicals. In accordance with GMPs, the FDA requires that dietary supplement manufacturers conduct at least one appropriate test or examination to verify the identity of any component that is a dietary ingredient. The companies we use conduct at least 2 or more tests to verify ingredient identity. The companies we use never solely rely on a supplier’s Certificate of Analysis for an ingredient. Every test method utilized by the companies we use is validated, ensuring the method is an “appropriate scientific valid method” to test the particular ingredient.

The companies we use ensure the highest quality offerings to practitioners and patients with triple GMP certification from the Natural Products Association, NSF International, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. You can trust the companies we use to manufacture only high quality supplements to support your health and healing process and we make them prove it. The real proof, of course comes with improving health. We trust the companies we use with our reputation; as a small business owner that relies on nutritional supplementation to help improve my clients’ health, that is probably the strongest endorsement I can give.

Thank you for trusting us as your partner in helping you achieve happier and healthier lives.