Insomnia is one of the most difficult conditions I see on a regular basis. The reason why insomnia is so difficult is that not only is there multiple possible causes for a person’s inability to get a better night’s sleep, not sleeping in and of itself creates imbalances that cause a number of other health conditions. There is seldom one underlying factor that causes insomnia, but improper detoxification is one of the most overlooked causes of insomnia that we see, making detoxification one of the most underutilized therapies to help insomnia.

How Detoxification Can Help Insomnia

Most people know that the process of detoxification in the human body help the body process and eliminate toxins. What most people don’t know is that a great deal of this detoxification occurs when we sleep. In fact, research has shown that the body does a majority of its physical healing and detoxification in the first four hours of sleep (generally between 10 PM and 2 AM) and a majority of its psychological restoration in the last four hours of sleep (generally between 2 AM and 6 AM). Therefore, people that have a hard time falling asleep (or do not allow themselves to sleep) until later in the evening/early in the morning are not able to detoxify or heal properly. Likewise, if you find yourself waking around 2 AM (give or take an hour) and are unable to fall back asleep, improper detoxification may be your issue and getting some detox support may help with your insomnia and allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

Detoxifying properly can help with insomnia by giving your body the support it needs to perform the necessary functions of detoxification without drawing on your nutrient reserves. It is hypothesized that when people wake up around the same time every night (usually around 2 AM when the body is trying to detoxify) it is because the body does not have the proper nutrient reserves to support proper detoxification and the accumulated detoxification burden causes disruptions in the sleep cycle, which results in a person waking up. Providing proper detoxification support over time will give the body the nutrients it needs without taxing its nutrient stores, which will allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

How to Get the Detoxification Support You Need To Help With Insomnia

The processes involved in detoxification use a lot of nutrients. In fact, detoxification is one of the most nutrient-dependent processes that occur in the body.


toxins and waste diagram


Providing all the nutrients need to support proper detoxification can be very difficult through diet alone. Using supplementation can help. The Clear Change 10-Day Detoxification Program provides everything a person needs to support proper detoxification, including supplementation, dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes. It also provides flexibility, as the ten day program can be used to fit almost anyone’s timing and or schedule (i.e., it can be used once/month, back-to-back (to-back) for a 20- or 30-day detoxification, etc.).

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep through Detoxification

The next time you are rolling around in bed, staring at the clock every 20 minutes, try and do some deep breathing exercises and let go of the thought that you need to get to sleep. If needed, get up and read a little bit, meditate and/or do some yoga. These will at least help you feel like you are not just wasting your time. However, if you often have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, consider supporting proper detoxification – we have found it to be a great help to those with insomnia.
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