Depression is a major problem in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) almost 30 million people fill 164 million prescriptions for antidepressants every year. However, most of these people do not find the help they need with these medications; in fact, research shows that antidepressant medications are only effective for 6-13% of the people that take them. However, 100% of these people are exposed to the many side effects of these antidepressant medications. Because of this, many people are looking for safe alternatives to antidepressants. Amino acid therapy may provide a safe alternative to depression medication.

Amino Acid Therapy – A Safe Alternative to Antidepressants

Amino acid therapy involves supplying the body the amino acids and other nutrients (called cofactors) that the body needs to restore optimal neurotransmitter function.  In essence, achieving proper neurotransmitter function using amino acid therapy provides the benefit that antidepressant medications are trying to achieve but cannot. That is – restoration of optimal neurotransmitter function. The reason for this difference in effectiveness is due to the differing ways these products work.

Antidepressant medications simply shuffle around neurotransmitters or trick the body into believing there is more neurotransmitter in the system than their actually is. They do note help the body make more neurotransmitters. Over time, this actually creates a situation where more and more neurotransmitters are destroyed within the system, leading to further depletion. At some point, medications appear to ‘stop working’ and/or people find that the medications don’t work as well over time because they have depleted that person’s neurotransmitter stores to such a point that there is no longer sufficient neurotransmitter left for the drugs to shuffle around. The problem is that now, the person is actually more depleted in neurotransmitter than when they started the antidepressant medication.

Amino acid therapy is different and can provide a safe alternative to antidepressants. By giving the body the building blocks that it needs to make the necessary neurotransmitters, properly administered amino acid therapy can restore optimal neurotransmitter function.  This can not only eliminate the symptoms associated with neurotransmitter imbalance, it can often reverse the negative effects due to antidepressant medications.