Almost everybody that is able to walk around finds themselves in a state of near continual stress. Our lives seem so full of things to worry about and/or do that we don’t even realize that our health is slowly but steadily slipping away from us. Even if we can find the time to exercise, many of us perform exercises that fatigue and drain us even more. Rather than relieve stress, most of our activities have the effect of fueling a state called Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) dominance.

Sympathetic Nervous System Dominance

The sympathetic nervous system is often referred to as the “fight or flight” nervous system because the SNS is what prepares us for to deal with stress. However, when the SNS is continually activated – as it is with many people in today’s hectic world – the body begins to break down over time. This SNS dominance begins to manifest itself in many ways, including poor digestion, constipation, anxiety, increased heart rate and/or blood pressure, poor quality sleep, hormone imbalances, increased susceptibility to infections and inflammation. If not addressed properly, SNS dominance can quickly lead to chronic illness and degeneration.

Many things are necessary in order to recover from SNS dominance, including low intensity but regular exercise, dietary changes, letting go of negativity and practicing forgiveness. All these things take time, but are necessary to achieving balance, health and happiness. However, one thing that can quickly get the process moving towards balancing SNS dominance is targeted detoxification.

How Detoxification Can Help Balance an Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System

Periodic detoxification can help calm down an overactive sympathetic nervous system. The key is to perform a detoxification program properly. The most important part of any detoxification program is providing the body the nutrients it needs to process and remove toxins from the body effectively and efficiently.

Detoxification is a heavily nutrient-dependent process, so using targeted supplementation (like the Dynamic Detox 10-Day Detoxification Program) is by far the best way to support proper detoxification. Detoxification programs, like the Dynamic Detox 10-Day Detoxification Program, also include the specific dietary measures to supply the body all the nutrients it needs to carry out all the functions to successfully process and remove toxins from the body. This will help remove internal stressors (i.e., toxins) which will calm down the sympathetic nervous system.

Although supplying all the nutrients necessary to support proper detoxification is important, it isn’t the only reason detoxification can help balance an overactive sympathetic nervous system. During a detoxification, a person also needs to slow down. This involves increasing rest and relaxation, performing deep breathing exercises during the day, unplugging from information overload (if the thought of this scares you, it likely means you NEED to do it!) and getting regular mild-to-moderate exercise. Again, this can seem a like a lot to do, but programs like the Dynamic Detox 10 or 28-Day Detoxification Programs provide an easy-to-follow schedule so almost anyone can do it.

Periodic detoxification is a great way to kick start and/or continue to balance an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Nowadays, almost everybody would benefit from doing a 10-day detoxification every 1-3 months as a way to slow down and give their body (and soul) the attention it needs to lead a long and fulfilling life.