This post comes to us from our friends at Natural Solutions for a Healthy You.

“I drink 64 ounces (or 3 quarts, or 2 gallons) of water a day – there is no way that I’m dehydrated!”

We hear statements like this a lot.  And, while compared to most people you meet, you may drink way more water than they do, chances are you are still dehydrated.  (We’ve tested thousands of people for hydration status and it turns out that only about 1% of people tested are properly hydrated.)

Think this and other hydration myths aren’t a big deal?  It’s been estimated that if you lose only 2.5% of your body weight from water loss (which is almost everybody), you will lose about 25% of your mental and physical abilities.  25%!!!

Learn more hydration myths and what you can do to stay properly hydrated!