The new year always inspires thoughts of how we can make this year better than the last. One simple thing that everyone can do is drink more tea. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and as we’ll show  you, it could transform your health.

Green tea has been used for thousands and thousands of years as a medicinal agent, and for good reason. Research shows that green tea is an effective natural weapon against countless conditions – from heart disease to diabetes, cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases. Green tea is the least oxidized of all the popular teas so it’s polyphenol content – and most notably, the potent antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – remains largely intact and ready to protect you from numerous insults.

However, green tea isn’t the only tea that can improve your health. Research indicates that black tea may help prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, fight heart disease, lower cortisol levels, increase feelings of relaxation and serve to protect you from diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and certain forms of cancer.

In addition, oolong tea can help you burn body fat and calories. Oolong tea contains a high number of compounds called polymerized polyphenols. These compounds can help lower your blood sugar and use up stored calories, which can help you lose weight.

The trick to using tea to achieve the health benefits listed above is daily consumption. Aim for 1-4 cups of tea per day and over time, you can transform your health.